After 40 Years, We've Closed Our Doors!

We Closed!

After 40 years of transforming lives with excellent mental health services, the Intercommunity Counseling Center (ICC) closed its doors September 30, 2015.  ICC has always been the mental health safety net for uninsured, under-insured, and low-income clients and it was important to us that some elements of that safety net continue to be available.

Many of the ICC safety net programs that served our community are now being delivered by other mental health providers.

Ongoing ICC clients are now being served by Lily Labib, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, at her new office in Uptown Whittier.  For at least a year, Ms. Labib will be providing services at the same low rates enjoyed by ICC clients.

Lily Labib, LMFT

13006 Philadelphia Street #209

Whittier, CA 90601


Men’s Anger Management and Cooperative Parenting Classes
Court-certified instructor Garry Mohr is continuing to provide court-ordered education, now located at First Christian Church, 6355 Greenleaf Avenue, in Whittier, CA 90601.  Please call Garry for scheduling and more information, at 626-676-0067

Free Counseling

The Rebecca A. Eberle Romberger Fund for Free Counseling can now be accessed through Spiritt Family Services. They may be contacted at or (855) 714-8800.

Former Client Files

Clients of the Intercommunity Counseling Center within the last seven years who require legal access to their confidential files may inquire, after November 16, 2015, at Spiritt Family Services at (855) 714-8800.

Our Gratitude

The Intercommunity Counseling Center Board of Directors expresses deep respect and gratitude for the generous individuals, the local churches, our service clubs, community partners, and to the BCM Foundation for their long-term support of our mission in the community. Although we could not survive in the changing social climate and mental health industry, ICC has provided excellent mental health care to this community for 40 years.  Much of that time, service was possible because this contributing circle recognized the community’s unmet need and supported ICC in providing care. 

If you wish to contact the Intercommunity Counseling Center volunteer board of directors, you may email

For a brief history of the Intercommunity Counseling Center and the reasons for its closure, please click here

Thank you for 40 years of support.